Newborn Photography Session

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Newborn session

Newborn photography is very special and is a real honour for me to be able to do. I love meeting newborns and I have been trained in newborn photography posing techniques and newborn safety, so your precious new bundle is in safe hands. The overriding comments I get from clients who have booked newborn sessions is that, even a few weeks following the shoot, they cannot believe their baby was ever that small. I completely understand that as brand new parents you are completely exhausted, getting used to this huge change in your lives and a photo session may be the last thing on your minds, but newborns really do only stay that tiny for a fleeting moment in time. It is so precious to be able to capture them this way and freeze those memories forever.


Newborns ideally need to be photographed when they are between 5-10 days old when they are still very sleepy and snuggly and easy to pose. Be sure to book your newborn portrait session in before baby is born (ideally after your second scan) to guarantee your slot. If you let me know your due date then I can book you in for around then and we can move the slot depending on when your baby decides to make an entrance. We can also discuss what kind of images you are hoping to get from the session and any special items or props you can bring along with you. Those images with props which are personal to you are always that extra bit special.


Once your baby has arrived please let me know as soon as you can and I can move your session accordingly.

What to expect

Newborn shoots are typically at my home studio where I have the necessary equipment and props to capture those adorable images. A newborn session typically lasts around 3-4 hours so please be prepared to keep the full morning or afternoon free so that the session can be as relaxed and as natural as possible. This is because babies need to be settled in order to get the perfect images. My newborn sessions are led by your baby’s needs, so I make sure plenty of time is built in for multiple feeds, nappy and outfit changes, switching blankets and props and also settling your baby comfortably into each pose.

Newborns are best photographed after a feed with a nice full tummy when they are at their most sleepy. If you plan to feed your baby as soon as you arrive, hopefully they will then fall asleep in time for the session starting. Please also have plenty of supplies with you to be able to give your baby top up feeds during the session, newborns do often need extra feeds or settling during their photoshoot. On a similar note, if your baby will take a dummy please bring this along as it can really help settle them in poses.

Newborns need to be kept nice and warm so I will have the heater in the studio switched on well before the session as well as during. For this reason you might want to wear layers you can take off during the session, as it does get very warm! Part of the reason the studio needs to be kept so warm is that I photograph newborns both with and without their clothes on and usually without a nappy. Accidents do happen, and I am prepared for this, however please consider bringing plenty of nappies and a change of clothes for babies (and possibly you as well!).

After Your Session

Once the shoot is finished I will agree a date with you for your preview session; this is where I will show you your pictures in the convenience of your own home. All pictures I shoot go through an editing process to enhance them to their best. During this session you’ll choose which images you want to purchase and in what format (e.g. digital images on USB or framed prints).

Just like the style of my pictures, there’s no hard sell, and I offer a wide range of products, everything from wall portraits to the ever-popular digital images on a USB. As a guide, most people spend between £100 and £300 but it really is up to you what you spend.

After you have placed your order there is usually a lead-time of a few weeks while your images are in the lab. Once your order is ready I will contact you to arrange a convenient time to hand-deliver your special images to you in your home.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on 07779433219 if you have any queries